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Divided island

671c1a40-4e08-11e8-80d4-d9d311a03314.jpg556075d0-4e08-11e8-80d4-d9d311a03314.jpg3448eee0-4e08-11e8-80d4-d9d311a03314.jpg236bc390-4e08-11e8-80d4-d9d311a03314.jpg0abc5620-4e08-11e8-80d4-d9d311a03314.jpgda54d390-4e07-11e8-80d4-d9d311a03314.jpgb6f35ca0-4e07-11e8-80d4-d9d311a03314.jpg922b50d0-4e07-11e8-80d4-d9d311a03314.jpg68280170-4e07-11e8-80d4-d9d311a03314.jpg11273580-4e07-11e8-80d4-d9d311a03314.jpgI traveled by train, bus and ferry to Turkey. At Tasucu Turkey took the fast ferry to Kyrenia/Girne., North Cyprus. Continued by taxi to north Nicocia. Here i stayed at the Saray hotel. --The divided city of Nicocia is to me two completley different types of place.The north of the city has its Turkish charm and the south is Greek and modern. I stayed in North and South Nicocia at hotels .Walking through no mans
land to South Nicocia.------The city of Nicocia has a border running through its middle, potrolled by U.N. troops, some of the side streets are closed of by rough boarding.----------In the North is Buyuk Han built by the Otomans to house travellers. A Venetian column stands on a traffic island. Streets are narrow and Turkish style. The Mosque flies the red flag of Turkey and the white flag of north Cyprus.North uses the Turkish currency and South uses the Euro. ---- South Nicocia uses old British style pillar boxes for mail--South has Greek Orthadox church.
The city wall in the south is16th century.--- The bus station in the south is in Solomus square,there does not seem to be bus stop signs, when i asked where does the bus go from, the answer was ,"over there"-------------------------- I moved on to Paphos by bus,and shared taxi. Paphos is a popular holiday resort steeped in history. -- There is a castle by the harbour, this area is lively with bars, restaurants, and souvenir shops. At a archaeological site is
St. Pauls Pillar,here St. Pauls is supposed to have recieved 30 lashes for preaching christainity. In Paphos are many Roman Mosaics. Up in town is a indoor market.--- The Open top tour bus goes round town and outer areas.-- There are good beaches for swimming or sun bathing. The local bus goes round Paphos,some do not run on Sunday. If you are traveling by intercity bus ,double check times.. Another way to travel is by shared taxi.-- In Paphos i stayed at Hotel Kyniras in Makarios Avenue Paphos town.-- I enjoyed Paphos and the hotel .----------I moved back to North Cyprus to Kyrenia/Girne.-------------Kyrenia or Girne is a pretty little port with an attractive harbour..and castle on the coast of north Cyprus. The harbour has loads of little boats and a abundance of restaurents, eating and drinking places. The castle can be climbed to the top, but a walk round the outside was enough for me. The castle was built in the 16th century. ------ I continued to Turkey by Hydrofoil to Tascu.
-------Flying to Cyprus is diffecult.=https://photos.travellerspoint.com/935071/my_sept_2009_145.jpg]my_sept_2009_148.jpgmy_sept_2009_147.jpgmy_sept_2009_139.jpgmy_sept_2009_136.jpgmy_sept_2009_126.jpgmy_sept_2009_128.jpgmy_sept_2009_116.jpgmy_sept_2009_104.jpgmy_sept_2009_098.jpgmy_sept_2009_088.jpgmy_sept_2009_092.jpgmy_sept_2009_082.jpgmy_sept_2009_078.jpgmy_sept_2009_079.jpgmy_sept_2009_074.jpgmy_sept_2009_073.jpgmy_sept_2009_054.jpgAC640449931D0151B59051232F37FC57.jpgmy_sept_2009_064.jpgmy_sept_2009_055.jpgmy_sept_2009_057.jpgmy_sept_2009_052.jpgmy_sept_2009_051.jpgmy_sept_2009_050.jpgmy_sept_2009_045.jpg---CLICK ON SMALL PICTURES FOR INFORMATION

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